• Paperwork


We are glad to hear you consider getting treated at the Klinikum Döbeln hospital. However, before enjoying our highly specialized medical assistance and treatment, you should take into consideration some formal necessities.

step 1

To select the right medical specialist for your treatment at our hospital, it is critical for us to collect as much information as possible regarding your anamnesis, any previous treatments you may have received, or your specific needs respectively. Please provide this information when you or your representative make contact with us.

step 2

If our physician agrees on the treatment proposed, you will receive a detailed cost estimate from us that will be based on the information available to us.

At that juncture, you should also advise us of whether or not any accompanying persons are also to be accommodated. Here, please note that there may be an increase in the estimated costs due to unforeseeable complications or necessary supplementary services. Special arrangements such as for treatment by a chief physician can be covered by an agreement for optional services.

step 3

Prior to your arrival at our hospital, the agreed advance should have been paid into our bank account. You will then receive a written confirmation regarding your treatment date. This will be a condition for your being issued a visa. At that time, we will prepare for your arrival in Döbeln and look forward to welcoming you.

step 4

During your stay you will be welcome to use our many services.

step 5

After your treatment, we will prepare a detailed statement of costs. You will then receive a detailed invoice. Any outstanding amounts should be settled before you leave our hospital. If your advance has not been fully used up by the costs actually incurred by your treatment, any balance will of course be retransferred to your account.