Clinic for orthopedics

13 highly qualified physicians are in charge of this hospital unit with its 53 beds, 2 wards with modern single or double rooms including integral en-suite bathroom, optional telephone / Internet connection at the patient's bed. Customized room facilities or layouts are available as an option against an additional charge.

Medical priorities of our clinic include:

  • Endoprosthetics (hip, knee, ankle joint, shoulder, elbow) including replacement operations, operations saving prosthetics for the knee-joint, in instances of favorable indication (bioprosthesis)
  • Arthroscopic operations of all limb joints, including cartilage transplantation (shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, ankle joint)
  • Hand surgery (soft tissue, tendons, articular joint replacement)
  • Foot surgery (intoe, splayfoot or similar deformities, traumatopathies, prosthetics)
  • Conservative therapy of diseases of the spine
  • Vertebral column surgery (intervertebral disk, fractures, in instances of osteoporosis, degenerative diseases)
  • Sports traumatology (overstrain damage, traumatopathy, fractures)
  • Pediatric orthopedics
  • Rheumatologic orthopedics
  • Chirotherapy, chiropractic treatment, neural therapy